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Why Eventro?

Eventro is proudly developed and owned by Data Lync in Australia

About Eventro

Eventro is a class leading unified event management system – built specifically to address the complex, interconnected needs of modern care facilities.

We develop unique tailored solutions because we understand that each site and facility has different requirements within a complying framework.

We can build new systems from the ground up or where possible we can integrate messaging and analytics solutions into your existing infrastructure.

Explore more about our key benefits below...

Nurse Call Integration

Eventro enhances the functionality of Nurse Call systems by providing a common data platform for reporting, insights and messaging integration. Eventro is vendor neutral, enabling a consistent experience across your sites - even if each site utilises different physical infrastructure.

Real Time Trend Reporting

Eventro consolidates data from multiple sources and generates reports in real time, allowing users to identify and report on important trends e.g. staffing levels, or identification of patients requiring additional care.

Runs Virtually Anywhere

Eventro can be deployed as SaaS or as an on premises offering. It is multi platform capable: deployable on Windows, Linux or even a docker container - the choice is yours!

Improved Compliance

Determine whether staff are responding to requests for assistance in a timely matter, and ensure your facility is complying with relevant fire, safety, and care obligations. Reduce your risk by accessing up-to-date and accurate data and determine which areas of your facility need improvement.

Moving to Eventro has proven to be the right decision for us. We have been able to achieve our objective to enable targeted nurse call messaging with escalation plans.

Brian Sharp, Manager – Information & Compliance, Vacenti

Eventro In-built Reporting
About Data Lync:
Solving complex technical problems
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Data Lync is a technology integration company specialising in services for the aged, community and health care sectors. We procure, install, configure and maintain a range of care-based technology that specifically meets the unique needs of the residents, patients and staff.

Whether it’s for a new development or an upgrade to existing premises, each solution is tailored specifically to your requirements. Wherever possible, we’ll save you time and money by integrating with existing systems and only recommending the technology you really need.